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Mater. Exceptional People. Exceptional Care.


Mater delivers on its promise of exceptional care

Mater scored top marks in its first organisation-wide review by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), undertaken in November 2009.

Mater’s three publicly funded facilities and its four private hospitals were assessed as part of the extensive review by 15 ACHS reviewers. Previously, Mater has participated in the ACHS Accreditation EQuIP Program by holding three ‘ACHS EQuIP 4’ memberships (i.e. one each for Mater Mothers' Hospital, Mater Children’s Hospital and Mater Adult Hospital and another for Mater Mothers' Private Hospital, Mater Children’s Private Hospital, Mater Private Hospital Brisbane and Mater Private Hospital Redland).

Undertaking the ACHS Organisation Wide Survey was a significant risk and challenge for Mater.

Against 44 stringent ACHS review criteria, Mater received three Outstanding Achievement (OA) ratings, 18 Extensive Achievement (EA) ratings and 23 Moderate Achievement (MA) ratings. ACHS surveyors advanced eight self-assessed criteria from MA to EA during the survey.

Mater Health Services Brisbane is only the fourth public or private health care facility in Australia to achieve three OA ratings. The OA ratings were awarded for the following criteria: workforce planning; education and training; and care delivered in partnership with the consumer/patient. Mater is the only hospital-based health care facility in Australia to be awarded an ACHS OA for workforce planning.

ACHS surveyors commended the organisation on its commitment to its Mission and Values, and on being a patient-centric organisation—placing heavy emphasis on Mater’s extensive efforts and results in clinical innovation to improve patient care.

The surveyors noted Mater was “a values-based organisation that lived up to its brand of "exceptional people, exceptional care” and said Mater staff should be proud of the survey outcomes.

Mater Health Services Chief Executive Officer Dr John O’Donnell congratulated all Mater staff on their efforts.

“From an overall perspective, Mater received no high priority recommendations, which means no issues of patient or staff safety which need urgent attention. On top of that we achieved three OA ratings, which places us at the national standard for learning and development, workforce planning and evidence based patient care paths,” Dr O’Donnell said.

“It was especially satisfying to have the OA commendations awarded for aspects of service which are at the heart of Mater’s Mission,” he said.

“The survey results show that the improvements we are constantly making to the way we do things here at Mater are effective and we will simply continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.”

Mater Health Services was first accredited by the ACHS in 1983, and Mater has held accreditation since that time without ever receiving a high priority recommendation for improvement.

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Caroline Hudson—People and Learning Executive Director

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To ensure we continue our commitment to meet the health care needs of the community, Mater has developed business strategies which address the issues of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

This website has been developed in accord with these strategies, and is the accompaniment to a summary document printed on recycled paper.