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New equipment assists safe delivery

Mater is making the lives of mothers and babies easier with the introduction of new Cardiotocograph (CTG) equipment at Mater Mothers’ Hospitals and Mater Private Hospital Redland where collectively more than 10 000 babies are born each year.

Director of Perinatal and Women's Health Services Dr Don Cave said the equipment would help Mater’s South Brisbane and Bayside facilities continue the vital work of providing specialist care to thousands of women and babies each year.

“With one in seven Queenslanders born at the Mothers’ hospitals, Mater has a long history in maternity services,” he said.

“The delivery of the new cardiotocograph equipment will help ensure our patients continue to receive an exceptional level of care from our committed team of professionals.”

Dr Don Cave using new Cardiotocograph (CTG) equipment

Dr Don Cave with the new Cardiotocograph (CTG) equipment.

Cardiotocograph monitoring is an integral part of obstetric management, allowing early detection of fetal heart rate problems during labour and birth.

The new CTG central monitoring system allows staff to continually monitor babies remotely across each hospital. The privacy of the patient is maintained as CTG tracing can be viewed outside the hospital room, allowing clinicians to access the information from multiple locations.

If a fetal heart rate alters, staff are automatically alerted by an in-built alarm. They can immediately identify which patient is affected and react accordingly by assessing the situation to ensure the baby’s wellbeing.

Each time a trace of the fetal heart is taken, it is stored electronically and new readings can be compared with previous readings.

The equipment was funded thanks to a $1 million donation from Golden Casket, the result of a long-standing partnership with Mater Foundation.

new Cardiotocograph (CTG) equipment

Mater is making the lives of mothers and babies easier with the delivery of new Cardiotocograph (CTG) equipment


To ensure we continue our commitment to meet the health care needs of the community, Mater has developed business strategies which address the issues of financial, social and environmental sustainability.

This website has been developed in accord with these strategies, and is the accompaniment to a summary document printed on recycled paper.