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Mater hosts an Australian first in paediatric biotherapy

Paediatric urologist Dr David Winkle and Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy hosted Asia-Pacific’s first education seminar on cutting-edge technology for the treatment of incontinence in children at Mater Medical Centre on 30 July 2009.

Participants had the opportunity to gain an understanding of the new therapy tool, Urostym™ in a clinical setting and the event provided an open forum for discussion on current evidence-based practice for paediatric continence issues.

Dr Winkle said the theoretical element of the forum was facilitated by Laborie Medical Technologies, the U.S. manufacturer of Urostym™, followed by a practical demonstration with patients from The Mars Clinic.

The Mars Clinic—a joint initiative between Dr David Winkle and Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy at Mater Medical Centre—was established in 2008 to meet the significant community need for specialist treatment of children’s continence and is the only unit in Australia working with this cutting-edge technology.

Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapist Ester Barter said Urostym™ was a non-surgical, behavioural therapy tool which used the technology of a computer game to teach children how to use their pelvic floor muscles correctly and thereby improve bladder control.

“The animated characters and biofeedback games foster a high level of engagement with our paediatric patients,” Ms Barter said.

According to Dr Winkle, overactive bladder syndrome is a development abnormality with significant ramifications physically and socially for children, if left untreated.

“Three per cent of school-aged children in Australia have a problem with daytime bladder control which can manifest as daytime urgency and urinary tract infections,” Dr Winkle said.

“A further 10 per cent of this age group suffer from night time incontinence.”

The Mars Clinic is facilitated by a senior physiotherapist from Active Rehabilitation Physiotherapy and provides individualised treatment for children.
It is also an avenue for referrals to specialists, further testing and liaison with general practitioners regarding ongoing management.

Urostym™ is a pelvic floor retraining system for the treatment of urinary incontinence. The unit allows clinicians to perform EMG (electromyography) biofeedback, pressure biofeedback and electrical stimulation therapy.

Treatment capabilities include conditions such as urge incontinence, stress incontinence, faecal incontinence, urinary retention and pelvic pain.

The system is fully computerised and generates reports quickly and easily, including complete patient information for analysis, treatment and results.


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