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John Hinds retires from Mater Pathology

Mater Health Services farewelled Dr John Hinds in 2009 who retired after 21 years of exceptional service in Mater Pathology, which he led since 2001.

Dr Hinds’ decision to retire capped off a career filled with achievement.

He received first class honours in biochemistry in 1965 and completed his doctorate in biochemistry in 1974. He holds an MBA, a diploma of health economics and is an Associate Fellow of the Australian College of Health Service Executives. He developed three patents in collaboration with Dr P Duffy, published widely and sat on the boards of many projects and committees.

But his crowning legacy was leading Mater Pathology.

“I’ve been a part of a very strong and supportive team at Mater and together we made lots of progress. Mater Pathology has grown to 300 staff with a $40 million budget, and is successfully competing with multi-national and national competitors,” Dr Hinds said.

“I’m sad to be leaving but I am comfortable in the fact that the service has been left in good hands. I’m confident they will meet all the challenges to come and Mater Pathology will continue to be successful.”

“I’ve lived a busy schedule, now I just want to take it easy,” he said.

Dr John Hinds retires as Director of Mater Pathology

Dr John Hinds retires as Director of Mater Pathology.


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