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Focus on: Mukesh Patel

For 27 years, Mukesh Patel has served the Mater community... now he will be serving a different community—the Church.

A member of Mater Adult Hospital’s Food Services Department since 1982, Mr Patel is ready for his next challenge as a member of The Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

“I’ve spent more than half my life at Mater, my son Joshua (26) and daughter Michaela (24) were both born here and I’ve formed lifelong friendships with many wonderful people,” Mr Patel said.

“I hold a very personal relationship with God and while leaving my home and changing my lifestyle is a big decision, it’s the right one for me,” he said.

This isn’t the first time Mr Patel’s life has changed.

Born in Fiji (his family originates from India), Mukesh was adopted at age 11 and has lived in Australia ever since.

That change led him to the Mater team and it seems fitting that his next step complements his latest journey.

“Working at Mater allowed me to meet some exceptional people and serve the Brisbane community, and joining the religious life is an extension of that service for me,” Mr Patel said.

Mukesh Patel in the Food Services Department

After 27 years a valued Mater team member, Mukesh Patel has joined The Society of Jesus.


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