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International accreditation for cord blood bank

In July 2009, the Queensland Cord Blood Bank at Mater was awarded accreditation by the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy (FACT).

It is now one of only three cord blood banks in Australia to hold FACT accreditation, and it is only the 18th bank in the world to be accredited by the Foundation.

Queensland Cord Blood Bank (QCBB) Director Dr Robyn Rodwell said there are now more than 50 cord blood banks worldwide and that Clinical Transplant Centres are increasingly restricting their selection of cord blood units to those from accredited Cord Blood Banks.

“The FACT accrediting agency addresses all quality aspects of cord blood collection, processing, testing, banking, selection and release,” Dr Rodwell said.

“Dr Clare Morgan, the Medical Director, and I acknowledge the input of our talented multi-disciplinary team to this success and particularly the major contribution of Production Manager Phillip Johnson and Quality Manager Jim Ramsay,” she said.

The QCBB released 29 cord blood units in the 2008–2009 period, the most it has ever achieved in a year.

“This would not have been possible without the support of the obstetric teams at Mater Mothers’ and Logan hospitals, the mothers who so generously donate their cord blood, Mater Pathology, the major testing laboratory, and Pathology Queensland who perform the HLA-typing used to match cord blood units and patients,” Dr Rodwell said.

Accredited cord blood banks must comply with all applicable governmental regulations and meet rigorous FACT Cord Blood Bank International Standards, which are based on the latest knowledge of cord blood banking and have been developed by leading experts in the field.

The QCBB’s accreditation applies for a three year period before reaudit and reaccreditation is required, unless there is a ‘change in Director, Ownership or Location’.

The team at Queensland Cord Blood Bank at the Mater

The team at Queensland Cord Blood Bank at Mater.

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